We support clients with various supplemental research services that aim to bolster the main research and add a great value to the entire research. Our other services include:

Social Media Analytics

Conversations matter, more so in social media marketing. Social media listening helps us understand actual conversations, of real customers, and what they desire. Social media analysis if done effectively, can increase revenue and sales and can have a lasting impact on the brand. We uncover the why’s and how’s of social media listening. By using advanced tools and techniques, machine learning, text analytics and integrating it with traditional research, we offer great strategic insights in a comprehensive manner.

Industry Research & Analysis

Fundamental research covering market overview, market size estimation and forecasting, geographical/categorical market segmentation, data gathering, trend analysis, opportunity assessment, risk and challenges assessment, and market outlook.

Company/Competitive Intelligence

Understanding competition in terms of strategies and dynamics, threats and opportunities, degree of rivalry, industry benchmarking, porter’s five forces analysis, and companies profiling.


Process automation could be a great way to achieve operational excellence and get high quality outputs, leading to cost savings and resource optimization. We automate many tedious and time consuming tasks, using VBA, macros and other programming languages, so that everything happens with click of a button.