Research Design & Questionnaire Development

‘Defining’ and ‘Designing’ are the two most important aspects of any research. It is critical to understand the business problem, translate it into a research problem and then design the research around it, so that accurate information can be gathered to solve the business problem. StatWorld helps you put the right foot forward by helping you in following areas:

  • Research Design – Identifying key questions to be answered, what research should be conducted, most relevant research technique, critical assumptions and limitations of research, optimal sample size for statistically viable results, analysis plan etc.
  • Questionnaire Development – Drafting a questionnaire around the research topic with most appropriate questions. We have experience of developing questionnaires across multiple sectors, for a wide range of studies such as brand assessment, attitude and usage, concept testing, message testing, customer satisfaction, employee surveys, brand tracking, pricing, advertising effectiveness etc.

Survey Programming & Hosting

We offer end-to-end survey management services from dedicated teams with extensive experience. Our services include:

  • Programming of Customized surveys with high-end interactive functionalities
  • Customized look-and-feel of survey as per the brand elements of client
  • Programming of multi-lingual surveys in any foreign language
  • Programming of Online surveys (works with internet), CAPI/Offline surveys (works without internet), and CATI surveys (for telephonic interviews)
  • Programming of Conjoint surveys of all types (ACA, CBC, ACBC, MBC, Max-Diff)
  • Survey hosting on our own dedicated and secure servers
  • Very fast turn-around time with 24/7 dedicated teams

Data Collection & Field Management

We offer following data collection and field management services:

  • Sample procurement using our own panel and panel network.
    • Consumer sample
    • Business sample
    • Physician sample (for healthcare studies)
  • Sample procurement for hard-to-reach target audience in different countries around the globe
  • Managing survey launch process through external panels, customer list (mass-mailing), offline (telephonic/intercept)
  • In-field management such as panel coordination, quota monitoring, technical support to respondents
  • Live reporting of in-field progress to the clients
  • Data availability in multiple formats such as SPSS, Excel, CSV, SAS, ASCII etc.
  • Online live reporting of survey data/results through web-dashboards

Analysis & Reporting

We offer following analysis & reporting services:

  • In-depth data analysis by different segments on primary research data
  • In-depth data analysis on secondary data available from different sources
  • Data integration of primary and secondary data sets from various sources
  • Interactive visualization and reporting of results using professional BI & Data visualization tools such as Tableau
  • Reporting of results with analytical insights in PowerPoint Reports
  • Dashboard Reporting – Online dashboards, Excel dashboards
  • Data tables with significance testing, weighting etc. in Excel/MS Word