A picture is worth a thousand words! Effective data visualization is very important for good decision making. It allows one to examine large amount of data, pick trends and aberrations, discuss ideas with others and come to an effective decision. StatWorld’s BI  & Data Visualization services provide clients with accurate data presented in the most convenient and interactive manner. Our services include:

Interactive Dashboards

Dashboards that present the data in the most user friendly and comprehensive manner

  • Customized to your requirements
  • With features to explore and analyze information on your own
  • Dashboards/Specific charts downloadable to PPT/PDF formats
  • Accessible from anywhere

Periodic Reporting

Reporting of any nature that is done on a periodic basis in any organization, such as:

  • Brand sales & performance reporting
  • Digital KPI reporting
  • Marketing promotion reporting
  • Competitive sales reporting
  • Others….